Q.  Why CardioAde?

A: CardioAde is Tower's most economical Pauling-therapy® drink mix.

One jar of CardioAde provides the Pauling-therapy® equivalent for vitamin C and lysine of 2 jars of either Heart Technology or Ascorsine-9.

CardioAde is a pleasant-tasting, well-absorbed drink mix without fillers. It is less expensive per serving because there are no additional orthomolecular nutrients and because we only have to purchase, fill and ship one jar, not two.

The product is designed for those who are already taking the additional supplements recommended by Pauling, i.e., vitamin E, magnesium, CoQ10, etc., and who prefer to take these additional nutrients separately.

One jar of CardioAde provides one person with a 30-day supply at Pauling's recommended therapeutic dosage (5000 mg), or one jar can provide two people a one-month supply at Pauling's suggested (2500 mg) preventive dosage.

Q. What is Approved Pauling-therapy®?

"It's the dosage, stupid."

The Pauling/Rath Unified Theory as explained in the new book, Practicing Medicine Without A License ? The Story of the Linus Pauling Therapy for Heart Disease explains why only large dosages of vitamin C and the amino acid lysine are effective. According to Linus Pauling, "I think I know what the answer is... we can get almost complete control of cardiovascular disease, heart attacks and strokes by the proper use of this therapy... even cure it."

Q. How Much CardioAde® should I take?

A:  One jar of CardioAde provides 5000 mg of vitamin C daily for one month.  Serving size is best split and taken as one scoop with water or juice in the morning and the other half-scoop in the evening.

Both ingredients in this Pauling-therapy® are essential nutrients.  Both vitamin C and lysine are required for life and good health, and there are no known toxic or lethal dosage levels.

Ease of Use

Simply select 1 jar (therapeutic) CardioAde® per month.


Eliminates pills, bottles and mistakes.

About CardioAde® with Stevia
CardioAde® Per serving ingredients as of April 2008 Vitamin C

Vitamin C as l-ascorbic acid 5000mg 
L-Lysine  5000mg 
Stevia  Less than 100 mg

Bioavailable Liquid.  No Pills!

The product is a drink mix to be combined with water or juice.  It supplies the equivalent of more than 20 ordinary vitamin C and lysine tablets per serving.

Completely Nontoxic

All Tower Orthomolecular formulas are completely non-toxic and designed to remain safe at high doses. There is no known lethal dosage level (LDL) of either vitamin C or lysine.

Other nutritional products may contain trace minerals such as selenium, manganese, copper, and other minerals.  The Tower CardioAde formula contains no added trace minerals.  According to Pauling, "Minerals, unlike the vitamins and amino acids, may be toxic over time at sustained high doses."  (HOW TO LIVE LONGER AND FEEL BETTER, 1986)

Tower Heart Formulas are leading Pauling-therapy® products because competing products often lack the potency recommended by Linus Pauling for maximum effect.

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